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ADK Step Sides' Road Rally 2020 MAP​

Road Rally Digital Registration

Please fill out the form below and await instructions from Chris at Registration

Car Number Given To You At Registration*

First & Last Name*

Full Mailing Address*

Phone Number*

Emergency Contact Name & Phone Number*

Email Address

Vehicle Year & Color*

Vehicle Make & Model*

Are you a member of a Car Club?

WiFi Connection Locations

Wells Memorial Library - No Password

Ward Lumber Co. - No password

Adirondack Mountain Coffee Cafe - Password: guest123

KOA Ask for Wifi Password

Town of Wilmington Offices unsure if Guest wifi check if needed

Au Sable Forks Free Library - no password

Starting Location

Wells Memorial Library

12230 NYS Route 9N

Upper Jay, New York 12987

Registration 9am-11am

Selfie Contest

Text Your photos and Selfies you take on the route to


This number is also good for help on the route.

Leg 1 of Rally

Upper Jay to Jay

Leaving the Green flag at

Wells Memorial Library, you will head northbound on NYS Route 9N for a few miles and reach Jay, NY.. Stop at the Big Stone House on the left hand side half way to Jay, and Grab a photo of your car in front of this iconic structure, which use to be a birthing house for over 100 years..

Now..continue on in the middle of town, there will be a park to your right with a fountain & band stand in it just before

the intersection with Route 86.

This is the Jay Village Green,

pull off on the side of 9N and

follow 1st Stop Instructions next..

1st Stop

Jay Village Green Park


12964 NYS Route 9N

Jay, New York 12941

Find the new Visitor INFO Sign on

the corner of the Park, on the backside, find a silver lock box, unlock it with

code "2020" and grab your item,

then re-lock it by pushing the lock together, and spin the dial numbers to properly lock it up.

PLEASE get some hand sanitizer

from the pump bottle.

Now, go to the front of the

Visitor INFO Sign Map, and look

for Our Car Club Logo on the sign...

Each spot with our logo is a

extra hidden treasure on

 your Rally Route!

Try your best to find one,

once you find one, please let others try..

Now before departing, Grab a selfie with one of the oldest structures in Jay, the historic Band Stand in the middle of the park, Standing sense 1856, it was built in memory of a young boy who drowned in the Au Sable River, built by his parents,

the Bruce Family, it still stands today

to be used by the community.

Extra fun if you can incorporate the Red, white and blue ribbons on the back of the visitor sign, which are hand painted by our very own Chris Straight..

on to next Leg..

Leg 2 of Rally

9N to Ward Lumber

Now depart the Village Green,

continue to head north on Route 9N

for roughly 500 feet,

turn onto Glen Road on the right.

Continue on Glen Road for A mile,

crossing the East Branch of the Au Sable River, passing through the Jay Hamlet Cemetery, and finally reaching

the Ward Lumber Co.

The Store will be on the right hand side, enter slowly and watch for traffic

and fork lifts.

Scroll down for next step.




JAY, NY 12941









Leg 3 of Rally

Ward Lumber to Keene, NY

Pulling out of Ward Lumber Co., turn right, and stay on glen road. Follow it all the way to the end, which will lead you into the heart of what locals call "The Glen", as you climb the hill, look to your right occasionally, find a nice view and snap a selfie with your car.. plenty of

mountain views in the glen.


Once you reach the end of glen road, turn right, onto Trumbulls Road, you will see more lovely views with a horse farm bordering the road, one of the ideal selfie spots, you will now go down hill for o-most 2 miles, make sure to use your gears more then brakes so you don't overheat your brakes. Several sharp turns.

Now stay on Trumbulls Road until the end, it will bring you back to Upper Jay and to Route 9N.

Turn Left on 9N and head southbound for about 1 mile.. look at your next Stop for details..

Stop 3 on Rally

Fire Tower Stop

Your next stop is Near

11984 NYS Route 9N in Upper Jay, NY.

just 1 mile from the Upper Jay Center, on the left, there is a Adirondack Craftsman who has built a 31 ft Wooden Fire Tower.

This location is omost on a blind corner with a road speed of 55MPH, please just pull off the side of the road in the location's driveway, with your nose of your car facing southbound. Property owner's request, or pull in

because of hazardest traffic and you can turn around inside the driveway.

NOW!... At the foot of this tower is a lock box. Open it up with the Code "2020" grab your item, then re-lock the box

by closing the padlock and

spinning the dials.





Now head southbound on 9N to Keene!..

4th Leg of Rally

Keene To Wilmington

Now Entering Keene, NY

head into the center of Keene,

you will come up to the intersection

with NYS Route 73. This is a triangle shaped intersection.

Bare to your right,

and Stop at the stop sign.

This is a high traffic intersection,

please be extra careful.

Continue to go right on Route 73 and follow it up the famous Cascade Lakes Region, find one of the pull offs that is open, and get a cool selfie here with your car. Then continue on 73 up the hill, this route normally takes you right into Lake Placid, but we are avoiding the olympic village this year, after passing the olympic bob sled track on the left, you will start seeing the ski jumps from the 1980 olympics. Your next road is coming up, it will be on the right hand side after 2 sharp corners, it is called "River Road", turn onto River road, and find a vantage point to get photos with the ski Jumps in the photos and your vehicle!... Now.. River Road is twisty and turny.. have fun, but be safe, its tight and busy. There is several beautiful scenes on this road, do some fun photographs and continue on.. at the end of River Road, you will meet up with NYS Route 86 at the Curved Bridge. Turn Right, and head in the Wilmington Direction. When you get to the narrows, grab a photo from the dash board so we can see your hood and the view ahead if you can.

Follow Route 86 to Whiteface Mt ski center, turn into whiteface and replicate the image below... 

Whiteface Mountain



Do your best to

replicate Phil's image..

once photo is done, pull out of whiteface and turn left, then travel about a half mile further on route 86,

Turn right on Fox Farm Road..

4th Stop on Rally

KOA in Wilmington

Turn onto fox Farm Road from route 86,

travel 1/4 mile,

the KOA camp ground entrance is on the left, turn on in and make a circle in front of the main lodge building, KOA Staff will be handing out goodie bags for each car! Grab a selfie of your car with the KOA employee, then head out.. turn left out of KOA and continue on Fox Farm road, turn left on Springfield Road and follow next instructions below.

5th Stop on Rally

Town of Wilmington 

Town Office

5th Stop on Rally

Follow Springfield Road for roughly 2 miles, as you come into town, on the right hand side there will be a sign for the Town of Wilmington town office building, turn right onto the loop driveway, and on the porch on the right hand side of the building will be a lock box, Code "2020" grab your item, re lock the box, by closing and turning the dials, and go back out on Springfield road by turning right. Don't forget to use the hand sanitizer.

5th Leg of Rally

Wilmington to Black Brook

5th Leg of Rally

Take Springfield to the end, you will cross over Route 86, and take Hazelton Road for roughly 3 miles, stopping near Hazelton lumber and getting a image of your car next to the historic farm house just past Hazelton lumber. then continue on to the end of Hazelton road. Turn right on Silver lake road, follow it Guideboard Road, turn left on Guideboard Road. Follow it for less then a mile, and turn right onto Fern Lake Road, follow this road to The Narrows Road, and take that to the Road Causeway, turn around and get a selfie with the lake, mountains, and your car, Now, go back out to Guideboard Road, turn left, and follow it back to Silver Lake Road, take Silver lake Road Straight or Left to Dry Bridge Road, turn left on Dry Bridge Road, and follow it for a couple miles, you will come to a backward wye intersection.

continue on Dry Bridge road for roughly 500 ft and turn left on Buck Hill Road... See next step for more directions..

6th Leg of Rally

6th Stop on Rally

6th Leg of Rally

Now continue on buck hill road and bare right at the wye intersection onto Thomasville Road, follow this road for several miles, there is 2 'Meet your tail lights' corners which you will need to take at less then 15-MPH, then you will find a road on your right called Arnold Hill Road.

This is a short road, which has Adirondack Molding on it ,

6th Stop on Rally

Turn into Adirondack Molding, find the

lock box at the front of the store,

unlock it with Code "2020" grab your item, re-lock the lock box.. 

then turn left out of Adirondack molding,

and  this will make a sharp downhill descent to a stop sign.

Try To Spot the historic D&H Railroad Trestle across from the end of Arnold Hill Road in the trees, snap a photo if you can..

Turn right back onto Dry Bridge Road and travel 1/2 Mile, turn Left onto Clintonville Road. at the end of Clintonville Road, turn left on 9N and travel 1/4 mile and turn right onto Lower Road.. Turn right on the Bridge over the Big Au Sable River. Stop on the Bridge, and snap a photo of yourself with your car with the view up stream behind you, then snap a photo of your car creatively with the river, and any mountains in view.  then turn around on the other side of the bridge, go back to 9N. Turn left on 9N and travel 1 mile to your next stop.

7th Stop on Rally

Pat's Welding

1648 NYS Route 9N

Au Sable Forks, NY 12912

Lock box located at Pat's Sign at the side of the road, code is "2020" retrieve your item, re-lock the box by pushing the lock together and spinning the dials, use the hand sanitizer, and toot your horn and wave at Pat & Cindy as they will be on their front porch watching.

Pat is currently recovering from surgery, or he would be driving one of his cars in the rally like past years. 

Cheer him up as you leave!

7th Leg of Rally

Clintonville to Jay

Leaving Pat's, Continue into

Au Sable Forks, NY.

Once into Au Sable Forks, Try to get a Photo of your vehicle in Front of the Hollywood Theater. Continue down main Street (Route 9N) and turn right onto Church Lane, Turn Left onto College Street, and Stop in front of the SPOOKIE Grave's Family Mansion. Get a Spookie photo of your car with the big mansion in full view.. Now take College Street to 9N, Turn Left, and then 500 ft turn right onto the Bridge, bare right onto Sheldrake Road, Follow this road, stop safely after the big hill and get a photo of your car with Asgaard Farms and the mountain views behind you. Now continue to the end of the road, Turn Left, and follow Stickney Bridge Road to its end. There are 2 Cow Farms on this road, feel free to get a selfie with a cow without leaving the pavement Road.


Now at the end of Stickney Bridge Road, turn left up the hill, if this section looks farmillar, it should!... you drove it just 2 hours before, but this time, turn right onto Valley Road just past ward lumber.

Now follow Valley road for 2 miles and you will see the finish line of the 2020 Rally come into view.

Finish of Rally

Bell's Car Cleaning

Congratulations the end of the rally is in sight, you will see a few orange cones in the road as you approach the finish, come to a stop at the last cone, and Chris will ask for your car number to see if you won anything in the raffles.

We will want to take a Photograph of you and your ride in front of the sponsorship banners, and bunting, before you head out.

After this, you are free to head home or out to adventure our area. 

Thank you for your support and participation in our event this year.

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