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Au Sable River Valley Business Association

Online Guide

Providing Promotion & Support Currently to Businesses

in the Town of Jay & Black Brook, NY

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Our Goals

Benefiting our local businesses, tourist attractions, and accommodations.

A Small, organized group, promoting, supporting,

and improving business, business relations, and new business development

in our area. Achieving these goals through advertising, online marketing,

and in town promotion with signs, banners, and a visitor center.


•Each business gets a featured video created about their business,

which would be placed on social media, website, and local QR codes.

It would roughly run 3 to 5 minutes, it would cover all aspects of the business.

•Helping with distribution of business cards, rack cards, brochures, & flyers.

•Help with assistance in putting ads together,

or helping with communications with local advertising options.


•Supporting each business with guidance in the field, paperwork,

or new tools/training to better improve any spots needed.

•Reaching out to local government to find solutions to problems in the area.

•Helping with grants or finding grant writers for expiation or improvements.

•Working with non profits to help community relations and connections.

•Being a bountiful source of information for visiting tourists and locals.

Website Page

is still under construction

The Au Sable River Valley Business Association

"To Aid Local Businesses

in Furthering Their Reach & Success"

Established 2020

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